We love this city.

And have put together a hub of select creative people (designers, photographers, writers, programmers, etc…) for the common purpose of making great work. As a result, you get a unique and dedicated, hand-picked-by-you team of skilled professionals to support your marketing goals.

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How we work.

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Meet with us or submit a project. Note: The details & description of what you need is key (and handled with care).

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We push your project action plan out to our local freelancers. They develop proposed creative elements in a respectful amount of time.

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We collect, review & share with you the best strategy and spend. Best of all, you end up with a super passionate creative team.

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Working with us results in a great team of fresh, skilled and local creatives. Our process is just the beginning of what we hope for you. You'll have this team not only for your current project needs, but for any upcoming projects too.

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When choosing Crate Collective, you will get the highest caliber creatives in the city, at lower lead-times and cost. These strong, local designers, writers, videographers, programmers, media buyers, photographers, SEO/analytics specialists, and sales team are ready!

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It's time to prioritize creatives!

Prior to starting Crate, Cliff Hilton had been called a jack-of-all-trades in the creative world. Jumping around from branding to website design, he's worked for ad agencies; ran his own shop; and saturated the relatively new field of data visualization for a consulting firm. He taught creativity as a super power at a local high school which helped him realize he needed to look to the new generation of creatives and pass along his experiences.

These career paths have pulsed a passion for Louisville and the desire to help other creatives find work. His heart has always been to serve and love those around him. When ignited, he has learned that all kinds of good things get stirred up.

If you feel the same, contact Crate to start a project or join Cliff as a partner in what we think is the adventure of a lifetime!