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Growth moments

Believe it or not, no matter your industry, there is an emotional element to your business - and branding is your most valuable asset. Your personality.

Tackling projects

If you are in this world, guess what - technologies are everywhere! Making it easier and easier to get good work done, sure, but it can also detour attention away from real people. We believe digital marketing must start with people - and a relationship has to be established. Tech can wait in line 🙂


Wordpress/Web Design-Dev; Hoot Suite/Social; Hubspot/CRM; SEO/Analytics; Listening & learning (our fav)

Passion areas

Branding your business can feel massive. Take comfort - we follow your brand guide & make good things happen.

Colors, shapes & letters

  • Business cards
  • Email signatures
  • Apparel
  • Signs
  • Other merch

Having joy in your work

  • Sales presentations
  • Pitch deck (if you call them that!)
  • Powerpoint & Google Slides
  • Product slicks/handouts

Getting stuff done

  • 2D illustrations
  • 3D illustrations
  • Hand drawn work
  • Iconography
  • Patterns (brand follow-through)

Available for Coaching/Mentoring

Need a boost in your own creative world? New to marketing and advertising? Just out of college? Have an internal creative department and want to inspire them? Cliff Hilton is available for speaking engagements, whether it's 4-week sessions or routinely stepping in as your creative ambassador - Crate can facilitate it.
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In-house teams

Supplying the creative energy designers, copywriters, social media pros need can be difficult. Schedule Cliff for a 4-week creative regimen today and give them the confidence boost they deserve.

Solo creatives

Churning out work every single day can be daunting, scary or even run you dry. Give us a call and setup weekly one-on-ones to discuss things like: creativity as a career, value-based pricing, networking strategies, or business beyond design. 

Marketing firms

With 20+ years of experience, Cliff can pump up & support your creative and account staff. Working together is the best - and there are key components to get the very best out of these very different personalities.  Book now


Heart of a lion

Coming from ad agencies, flying solo as an in-house creative, and working freelance - Cliff's experienced some pretty crazy things - and he wants to share them with you. 

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